Thursday, 12 December 2013



My name is Joe Lobang and I like to study.

I am always trilinguistic. I try to be linguistic.

I represent some of you and more.

If you do not see me in shades, I'm not Joe Lobang.

Kalau no shades, life vision tak moody geng. Where can like that? Must tangkap feel sometimes.

I champion identity, individualism and nasi sambal goreng.

Learn the Joe Lobang handsign.

Watch the Singapunk Biennale.

Be safe, you all.

I am for hire. Help me pay my bills. Reality!!!

Let's all triumph and be misty!

Salam sejahtera semua. Inilah keimanan dunia kita.
Tanpa duit, tanpa cinta...hidup kita malapetaka.